Prakash Paul

Principal Consultant India

Prakash Kumar Paul has more than 18 years of experience managing and implementing urban projects, urban policies and programmes. He brings extensive and diverse experience in the fields of applied urban research, city planning, placemaking interventions, capacity building, project implementation and management. He holds a Masters degree in Town and Country Planning from the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, and a Master degree in Economics from Jamia Millia University, Delhi. He has worked as an Independent consultant for Asian Development Bank, Bloomberg Philanthropies, DFID, NCAER, etc.

He is now leading the Foundation’s work in India, leveraging his cross-sectoral experience to address the confluence of children and cities. Recently, under the Nurturing Neighbourhood Challenge (NNC) Initiatives under the India’s Smart Cities mission, he strategically advised NNC cities in project identification, project formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

In his free time, Prakash loves cooking and travelling.