urban experts at the children's factory in Jundiaí
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Value for Investment Study: Urban95 in Jundiaí

An evaluation on how value was created and how more value can be generated through Urban95 partnerships in Jundiaí

urban experts at the children's factory in Jundiaí

What value was created through Urban95 initiatives in Jundiaí, Brazil

The Van Leer Foundation partnered with the Municipality of Jundiaí and Ateliê Navio to implement a series of urban interventions and programmes aimed at improving the wellbeing of young children and their caregivers in the city between June 2021 and December 2023.

This report is the ‘Value for Investment’ evaluation study led by Dovetail Consulting which took place between March 2023 and February 2024. The study aimed to capture insights around three key evaluation questions:

  1. What is it about Urban95 and the partnership with Ateliê Navio that creates value?
  2. To what extent did the partnership create enough value, for what it seeks to achieve?
  3. What opportunities exist to create more value?

Findings were structured around: looking after resources; delivering improved physical capital for children and caregivers; and contributing to building social capital for children and caregivers and generating social value.

This study demonstrated this investment provided good value for the Foundation in particular due to its innovative and flexible use of resources and the collaboration within and beyond Jundiaí Municipality. The impact of the partnership was clearly seen via the strengthened social capital in the city in particular through physical changes and engagement processes that enhanced social capital for children and families. The investment also created stronger bonds between family and friends, opportunities for bridging stakeholders in the wider community and fostering connections between children and senior policy makers.

About Urban95

Urban95 is an initiative created by Van Leer Foundation to help city leaders, planners and urbanists understand how their work can influence child development. We support cities to reframe their governance strategies, public policies, budget allocations, knowledge sharing and training with an early years lens. Learn more about the Urban95 Brazil network

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