Nimish Aage

Programme Coordinator India

Nimish is the India Program Coordinator supporting the partnerships and projects in the country. He is passionate about creating a positive impact, working on various developmental challenges. In his professional journey, he has worked with senior government officials, nonprofit organisations, media houses, entrepreneurs, and teachers.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Nimish worked as a consultant in Pune with the Indian government to improve foundational literacy and numeracy for early to primary grade students. In this role, he learnt about implementing government policies and programmes at scale. He also worked as the Chief Minister’s Fellow in Maharashtra, developing initiatives and redesigning existing policies to improve the government’s PR and communication with the citizens. Early in his career, he worked as a science communicator to help popularise astronomy and space sciences by developing programmes that help people learn about the universe through stargazing events.

Nimish holds a Bachelor’s in Physics and Photography, an MBA in Marketing Communications, and a certificate in Counselling Psychology. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading nonfiction and is a certified graphologist, as well as a drummer.