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Urban95 workshop materials

On this page you can find an overview of available Urban95 workshop materials.

Suggestions – How do you start a conversation about Urban95?
Suggestions on how the Starter Kit could help you start a conversation on Urban95.

Flash cards
A flash card (A5) for each idea. Ideal for an informal lunch, or to organise a workshop. They could be used to prioritise, organise, discuss options, or can be carried around and left near the coffee machine, or used to ignite a discussion at the water-cooler.

Wall poster
A wall poster (A2) based on the table of contents of the Starter Kit. It provides an overview of the menu of options and can serve as a visual reminder to follow up on the ideas.

PowerPoint presentation
A PowerPoint presentation with a summary of each idea and some visuals.

Draft workshop agenda (available soon)
A draft four-hour workshop agenda, along with guiding questions and activities.

Individual idea PDF’s
Every idea in an individual print-out/pdf format.

Case studies (available soon)
Case studies of a few cities from around the world who have implemented some combination of Urban95.

If you want high res (print) versions of any of the workshop materials, please reach us at Urban95@bvleerf.nl and we will send them over.