Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2023
This edition unpacks what wellbeing means for parents and other caregivers, making the case for reimagining systems of support.
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2022
This edition explores why behavioural science can and should be rooted in all areas of caregiving.
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2020
This edition gathers global leaders and experts calling for prioritisation of young children, families and frontline workers amid COVID-19.
The Early Years: Policy Briefs
This collection of eight policy briefs explains some of the greatest challenges facing young children around the world.
A Good Start for All Children: Photo Collection
This photography series illustrates the vital work of health professionals in supporting new parents and their babies.
Through My Eyes: Photo Collection
This photography series illustrates what a day in the life of an early years health professional looks like.
Corporate Publications
Annual Report 2015
This report illustrates our impact in 2015, capturing what we achieved and what we learnt.
Putting the ‘Personal’ back into Parenting
When I started working at the Foundation a year ago, my first task was to assist in the preparation of the publication…
A visit to Kumi district, Uganda
On a recent trip to Uganda I had the privilege of visiting Kumi district, in the east of the country. Kumi is…
Early Childhood Matters
Living Conditions: The Influence on Young Children’s Health
This edition of Early Childhood Matters explores the links between the living conditions that children grow up in and their health and…
Early Childhood Matters
Hidden violence: Protecting young children at home
Violence against young children is often hidden from view when it takes place in the home and the family. Articles in this…