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Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2023
This edition unpacks what wellbeing means for parents and other caregivers, making the case for reimagining systems of support.
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2022
This edition explores why behavioural science can and should be rooted in all areas of caregiving.
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2021
This edition explores the connection between climate change and early childhood, and why young children should be at the centre of climate…
Urban95 Starter Kit
This toolkit is an excellent starting point for city leaders and urban professionals to understand the value of investing in babies, toddlers…
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2020
This edition gathers global leaders and experts calling for prioritisation of young children, families and frontline workers amid COVID-19.
Introducing and sustaining learning landscapes in urban environments
Early childhood is a critical stage for healthy brain development. While good public policy and public health have important roles to play…
Looking at DTLA through children’s and caregivers’ eyes: an Urban95 opportunity
On its surface, our meeting location of DTLA seemed like an odd choice: a Southern California neighbourhood known more for its office…
Reflections on the Urban95 Expert Assembly
Last autumn the Bernard van Leer Foundation gathered a group of experts in the fields of early childhood development, mobility, transportation safety,…
Comparative Global Study of Urban Spaces to Support Parents
This report is a comparative study of five urban programmes and spaces within municipalities that offer support to parents of young children.
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2018
This edition features high-level contributions on innovations, the path to scale, and emerging initiatives in early childhood development.
Research report
How Dashboards Can Help Cities Improve Early Childhood Development
This report explores how data dashboards could help guide city leaders and their teams to make better policy decisions about early childhood…
Research report
Building Better Cities with Young Children and Families
This publication offers strategies, principles, and best practices on how to engage our youngest citizens and families in city building.