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HomeKnowledge LibraryITC-Friendly Safety Design Guidelines for Pune City

ITC-Friendly Safety Design Guidelines for Pune City

Urban design, planning, and management guidelines catering to the safety needs of Infant, Toddlers and Caregivers (ITCs) in the City of Pune.

Urban safety for ITCs encompasses safe access to all ITC destinations like pre-primary and primary school, day-care centres, maternity homes, dispensaries, vendor kiosks, safe public transport facilities etc, fostering safe play in neighbourhoods, crime prevention, and providing a clean and healthy environment.

These guidelines are targeted to assist a range of stakeholders with an interest in working towards creating safer environments for ITCs. These include urban practitioners, Pune Municipal Corporation officials, Relevant District and State Departments, Local communities, activist groups, NGOs, working in any field related to safety in an urban environment, and ITC well-fare.

This research was undertaken on behalf of the Foundation by EGIS Pune, The Pune Municipal Corporation, Taru Leading Edge and EcoFirst.


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