Alexis Camejo

Visual Communications Officer

Alexis is the Foundation’s inhouse Visual Communications Officer. He provides support on creative and visual communications across multiple disciplines, such as graphic design, video production, photography, illustration and animation. Alexis’ approach focuses on synthetised and effective communication that also feels exciting and engaging. He keeps everything on-brand while exploring identity boundaries to identify opportunities and express all its playfulness.

Before joining the Foundation, Alexis engaged as a freelancer in as many different projects as possible to gain expertise and overall understanding of visual communications and branding. He studied filmmaking and took his passion around the world as a travel vlogger. After exploring different landscapes and engaging in humanitarian causes as a volunteer filmmaker, Alexis established himself in the Netherlands to apply all he learnt.

Born in Uruguay, Alexis moved to Spain at 7 years old, so he grew up with a capacity for adaptation and curiosity that keeps him passionate about getting to know other cultures, languages and people.