Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2023
This edition unpacks what wellbeing means for parents and other caregivers, making the case for reimagining systems of support.
Proximity of Care Design Guide
This design guide offers a practical online tool to support cost-effective design and implementation of child and family-friendly urban spaces.
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2021
This edition explores the connection between climate change and early childhood, and why young children should be at the centre of climate…
Urban95 Starter Kit
This toolkit is an excellent starting point for city leaders and urban professionals to understand the value of investing in babies, toddlers…
Proximity of Care Report
This report presents an important new approach to designing for early childhood in vulnerable urban contexts.
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2020
This edition gathers global leaders and experts calling for prioritisation of young children, families and frontline workers amid COVID-19.
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2019
This edition covers a diversity of topics relevant for young children and their caregivers, from nutrition to street design to mobile technology.
Six new case studies on how countries support early childhood workers
We funded the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative to develop six country briefs which highlight efforts to support the workforce across different geographies…
Urban95 Challenges
Improving informal childcare in Kibera
Kidogo, a social enterprise, is running a ‘hub and spoke’ model in Kibera to train and mentor local ‘mamapreneurs’ to provide higher…
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2016
This edition examines a variety of issues in early childhood development, from scaling up the workforce to innovative financing.
Building Africa’s first national pre-school system in Kenya
In the 1970s, post-independence Africa focused more on primary education than pre-school. The Foundation worked with the government of Kenya to create…
Research report
Learning from Experience
The Foundation funded an independent evaluation to examine the impact that it had made in young children’s lives in four countries: Kenya,…