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HomeKnowledge LibraryThe Early Years: Behavioural Science

The Early Years: Behavioural Science

This policy brief sets out the key steps for designing and implementing an intervention that rigorously applies behavioural science methods.

Many early childhood programmes target parents, caregivers, and service providers to promote specific behaviours which benefit babies and toddlers. However, they sometimes fail to sustainably change caregiver behaviours and their use of services designed for them. More systematic application of behavioural science — across the entire programme cycle of diagnosis, design, implementation, and evaluation — has the potential to significantly increase programme impact and sustainability.

The most critical step policymakers can take is to assess if and how behavioural science has been integrated into their work cycle, and identify areas for improvement.

We produced this policy brief as part of a series that compiles all the need-to-know information on the early years.

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