Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2023
This edition unpacks what wellbeing means for parents and other caregivers, making the case for reimagining systems of support.
Early Childhood Matters
Every year, this journal brings fresh and insightful perspectives on what matters for early childhood.
Policy brief
Young Children in Crisis
A set of seven policy briefs to learn why the first years of life matter, and how to integrate solutions into existing…
Online learning exchange “Starting Strong”: Latest scientific insights on why and how we should invest in the early years
Why is investing in the early years – and especially the first 1,000 days – so important? It was with great pleasure…
The critical link between early childhood development and a parent’s mental health
The mental health of mothers, fathers and other caregivers is critical for a child’s development, especially in the earliest years. From birth…
Early Years Starter Kit
This toolkit combines extensive ideas and guidance for taking early years action at the municipal and national level.
Discover my world by bike
I have been a cycling activist for eight years. For the last three of those years I have also been a mother,…
Urban95 Starter Kit
This toolkit is an excellent starting point for city leaders and urban professionals to understand the value of investing in babies, toddlers…
Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2020
This edition gathers global leaders and experts calling for prioritisation of young children, families and frontline workers amid COVID-19.
How an international expert can inject inspiration: Patricia Kuhl visits Israel
It’s one thing to read about new developments in brain science and what they mean for how we should support parents. It’s…
Dart course for journalists spearheads media outreach
Representing a range of local and national print, online, radio and television media, 45 journalists from 26 countries gathered at Columbia University’s…
Historical cases
Roots of Change
How a Guatemalan grassroots women’s organisation creates holistic child-centred communities, one neighbourhood at a time.