Global displacement

Early Childhood Matters
Early Childhood Matters 2023
This edition unpacks what wellbeing means for parents and other caregivers, making the case for reimagining systems of support.
Corporate Publications
Annual Report 2022
This report illustrates our impact in 2020, capturing what we achieved and what we learnt.
Proximity of Care Design Guide
This design guide offers a practical online tool to support cost-effective design and implementation of child and family-friendly urban spaces.
Mental health support for refugee children and communities
Experiences in the early years of a child’s life can and should build a foundation of resilience – but children who have…
Corporate Publications
Annual Report 2020
This report illustrates our impact in 2020, capturing what we achieved and what we learnt.
Urban95 Starter Kit
This toolkit is an excellent starting point for city leaders and urban professionals to understand the value of investing in babies, toddlers…
Proximity of Care Report
This report presents an important new approach to designing for early childhood in vulnerable urban contexts.
Policy brief
The Early Years: Mental Health in Humanitarian Crises
This policy brief documents what we know, why it matters, and what policymakers can do to support mental health in humanitarian crises.
Animating the Findings of a Report on Services for Refugee Children
This animation captures how early childhood education and care can respond to the needs of children of refugees and asylum seekers.
Short Films Explore Young Children’s Lives in Azraq
These short films offer a glimpse into the lives of young children and their families in Azraq, Jordan.
Pilot for Syrian refugees wins US$100m grant
In 2017, the MacArthur Foundation awarded a USD 100 million grant to Sesame Workshop and the IRC for joint work in Syria,…
Covering the Syrian Refugee Crisis – highlights from the Dart journalism training workshop in Amman
UNHCR tells us that more than 5.6 million people have fled Syria since the onset of the civil war in 2011, seeking…